This is called “Garbage Bread” but it tastes like pure gold!

This Garbage Bread recipe is just what I need to spice up our dinner routine every once in a while with something a little bit different from our normal fare. This is a fun and easy spin on classic pizzas like stromboli or calzone, using a far less complicated but no less delicious premise. A creation of the New York region, it resembles stuffed bread but is made up of all the fixings you’d find on a pizza, all neatly wrapped up in one delicious roll. Because of its adaptability and ability to maximize leftovers, it is ideal for game evenings, family parties, or times when you have a little extra of anything in the fridge. And who among us doesn’t adore the thought of a golden crust encasing warm, cheesy deliciousness with all of our favorite fillings?
Complement your Garbage Bread with a refreshing green salad drizzled with a little vinaigrette or a hot bowl of your go-to soup to make it more comforting. Carrot and celery sticks dipped in refreshing ranch dressing might be the perfect treat for the kids. This is the pinnacle of hands-on dining, so make sure to bring napkins.
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Servings for Garbage Bread: 4–6

One thin crust pizza dough, either handmade or purchased,
Three ingredients:

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