How to Clean and Shine Tiles?

Bringing back the shine and luster to your tiles doesn’t require harsh chemicals or expensive treatments. With some wisdom passed down through generations, you can utilize natural, effective methods to clean and rejuvenate your tiles, making them look as good as new. Here’s how to do it using simple, natural ingredients:

1. Linseed Oil for a Luxurious Shine
Suitable For: Terracotta, cement, and unglazed ceramic tiles.
Method: Apply a small amount of linseed oil onto a clean, dry cloth. Rub the oil gently into the tiles, ensuring an even coat without overapplying, as excess oil can make the tiles slippery.
Results: The oil will penetrate the tiles, restoring their natural shine. Allow it to dry naturally, and repeat if necessary for additional gloss.
2. Potato Cooking Water for Grease-Busting
Innovative Use: After boiling potatoes, save the water instead of throwing it away.
How It Works: The starch in the water acts as a natural absorbent for grease and grime.
Application: Once cooled, use the potato water to mop your tile floors. The starch will help lift grease, leaving your tiles clean and shiny.
Frequency: Utilize this method monthly for best results and maintenance.
3. Black Soap for a Deep, Natural Clean

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