Shiny floors without chemicals: Discover the cleaning companies’ secret!

Cleaning companies have a secret to achieving shining, spotless floors without spending a fortune on cleaning products. And now, you can too! With just three simple household ingredients, you can create your own floor cleaner in under a minute. Get ready to have impeccably clean floors and a fresh-smelling home, all while saving money.

The Homemade Solution: Step-by-Step Guide
Creating your own floor cleaner is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Start with Half a Liter of Water: Begin your mixture with half a liter of water as the base.
Add a Tablespoon of Salt: Salt is an amazing natural cleaning agent with disinfectant properties and an abrasive quality that easily tackles tough stains.
Pour in 100 ml of Vinegar: Vinegar is a fantastic natural grease solvent that removes pesky lime scale and mineral deposits, leaving your floors gleaming and spotless.
Final Touch: Peppermint or Lavender Oil: Add a few drops of either peppermint or lavender oil for a delightful fragrance and added antimicrobial properties.
Peppermint oil leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.
Lavender oil not only has a pleasant aroma but also disinfects effectively.
Mix everything together well and then dilute the solution with 5 liters of warm water to create the perfect floor cleaner in just a minute.

Benefits of this Chemical-Free Recipe

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