Pasta e Fagioli Soup

Introduction: Embark on a culinary journey as we unravel the enchanting tale of Pasta e Fagioli Soup – a timeless Italian classic that transcends mere sustenance, delivering a symphony of flavors in each spoonful. Crafted with meticulous care, this recipe is an embodiment of comfort, warmth, and the rich heritage of Italian cuisine. Join us in exploring the artistry of this dish, where every ingredient plays a harmonious role in creating a culinary masterpiece.

Artisanal Ingredients:

  1. Olive Oil Overture: Begin the culinary symphony with a duet of olive oil – a total of 2 tablespoons, expertly divided to infuse richness and depth.
  2. Ground Beef Sonata: The heart of our creation, 1 pound of lean ground beef, cradles the savory essence of this Italian delight.
  3. Vegetable Crescendo: The medley of vegetables – 1 1/2 cups chopped yellow onion, 1 cup diced carrots, 1 cup diced celery, and 3 cloves of garlic, minced – creates a delightful crescendo of flavors.
  4. Tomato Symphony: Enrich the base with 3 (8 oz) cans of tomato sauce and 1 can (15 oz) diced tomatoes, conducting a vibrant symphony of tomatoes.
  5. Herb Ensemble: Elevate the flavor profile with a blend of dried basil, dried oregano, dried thyme, and dried marjoram – a quartet of herbs that dance gracefully on the palate.
  6. Pasta Interlude: Introduce the pasta element with 1 cup of dry ditalini pasta, skillfully cooked to al dente perfection.
  7. Bean Harmony: Enhance the texture with a chorus of beans – 1 can (15 oz) dark red kidney beans and 1 can (15 oz) great northern beans – adding depth and substance.
  8. Cheese Finale: Crown the dish with the finesse of finely shredded Romano or Parmesan cheese, delivering a finale that lingers on the taste buds.
  9. Parsley Cadence: Conclude the symphony with 3 tablespoons of minced fresh parsley, providing a vibrant, herbal cadence.

Crafting the Culinary Sonata:

  1. Ground Beef Prelude: Begin by cradling the ground beef in 1 tablespoon of olive oil, orchestrating a flavorful prelude in a large pot.
  2. Vegetable Movement: Conduct the sautéing of onions, carrots, and celery with the remaining olive oil, setting the stage for the vegetable movement. Add minced garlic to infuse aromatic nuances.
  3. Soup Base Crescendo: Introduce the symphony of flavors with chicken broth, tomato sauce, water, canned tomatoes, sugar, and a medley of herbs. Allow the composition to simmer, creating a crescendo of taste.
  4. Pasta Al Dente Interlude: Simultaneously, cook ditalini pasta to al dente perfection, setting the stage for a delightful interlude.
  5. Harmonious Fusion: Unite the elements by adding the cooked pasta, kidney beans, and great northern beans to the soup, adjusting the consistency as needed.
  6. Cheese and Herb Finale: Garnish with finely shredded Romano or Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of fresh parsley, orchestrating a finale that elevates the dish.

Nutritional Overture:

  • Calories: 540
  • Protein Harmony: 35g
  • Fiber Resonance: 13g
  • Vitamin Serenade: A, C, Calcium, Iron – A nutritional overture that aligns with a balanced diet.

Conclusion: In the final crescendo of flavors, the Pasta e Fagioli Soup emerges as an Italian masterpiece, weaving together ingredients in a culinary symphony that delights the senses. As you savor each spoonful, you are not merely consuming a meal – you are partaking in an experience that celebrates the heritage, warmth, and richness of Italian gastronomy. Bon appétit!


Immerse yourself in the culinary charm of this Pasta e Fagioli Soup, a true masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. Crafted with care and rich Italian flavors, this recipe has become a timeless favorite, celebrated for its comforting warmth and delicious heartiness.


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