No need to scrub, put the oven rack in a bag: it becomes like new again

The oven rack can be very difficult to clean, especially if it is used often and has embedded dirt. Let’s see how to make it new.

Food residue and encrusted grease could actually render the oven rack unusable.

Oven grill: why it gets dirty
The oven is a great ally for preparing our dishes. Whether static or ventilated, the oven contains internal grills which allow trays or containers to be placed with the dishes to be cooked. The oven rack (although there may be several) can be placed at different heights using a sliding system.

When cooking, getting dirty is inevitable, and just like the stovetop can get dirty, the oven rack can also get dirty. Cleaning this part of your device can be very complicated. In fact, in some cases, chemicals sold for this purpose, which promise great things, do not deliver on their promises.

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