No Fuss Pie Crust

Craving pie without the pie-making ordeal? We’ve all had those moments where the sheer thought of crafting a pie crust—cutting in the cold, cubed butter, gently adding spoonfuls of ice water, and wrestling with flour-covered counters as you roll out the dough—feels more like a chore than a therapeutic baking session. While on some days the process seems meditative, on others, it’s undeniably a hassle.

Enter the no-fuss pie crust—your savior on those hassle-kind-of-days! This gem requires no rolling and no cutting in, yet it miraculously bakes to perfection. That’s correct! No rolling!

No Fuss Pie Crust

Simply combine your ingredients: flour, oil, cold water (ice-free!), baking powder, and salt in a bowl, and then firmly press the dough into your pie dish. You can easily mold it with your hands or a flat-bottomed glass in just a matter of moments.

Here’s the sweet (or savory) secret: it offers all the convenience of a store-bought crust while allowing you full control over the ingredients. Choose any oil that tickles your fancy—peanut, olive, avocado, canola, or even melted butter—they all do the trick. The result? A tender, unexpectedly flaky crust.

This recipe yields enough for a 9-inch single crust pie. Should you need to blind bake it, remember to pierce it first with a fork to prevent excessive puffing. If your heart (or recipe) desires a top-crust, simply double this recipe and casually scatter little dough pieces across the pie’s top, forming a streusel-esque topping.


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