Making Your Own Cleaning Paste: Eliminating Grease and Limescale from Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The fight for a clean house can be fought against tough adversaries in the shape of kitchen grease and bathroom limescale. Sometimes, even after applying chemical remedies that claim to remove stains completely, they remain. But there is an inexpensive and all-natural option that works wonders on limescale and grease. Come with me as I show you how to make a miraculous cleaning paste out of everyday household items.

Making Your Own Sponge:

Whether it’s limescale on bathroom fixtures or grease on kitchen appliances, this homemade cleaning solution can handle it all. Obtain these items in order to whip it up:

6 teaspoons of dish soap with a high concentration

powdered bathroom cleaner—three teaspoons

1/3 cup of baking soda

White wine vinegar, measuring one tablespoon

Here are the steps:

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