Easy Dinner Rolls

Easy Dinner Rolls – Soft, fluffy, tender – everything you want in a dinner roll is right here. Made in just an hour from start to finish. The fastest and tastiest dinner roll you’ll ever have!

I happen to have an unnatural obsession with bread. And by that, I mean that I always have some frozen dough stashed in my freezer just in case my cravings wake me up at wee hours. Oh yes, it does happen to me sometimes. You can’t be a certified bread-o-holic if that hasn’t happen to you yet. 😂

How to Make Soft and Fluffy Dinner Rolls in an Hour?
Like many of you, looking at these soft and fluffy rolls always trigger hunger pangs. Good news is, you can easily achieve a soft and fluffy dinner roll without impatiently rolling out or kneading the dough like a classic dinner roll. This version of dinner rolls only needs a single quick rise – around 20 minutes, maybe more, depending on the interior temperature of your kitchen – before it gets ready to be baked.

▢¾ cup (187.5 ml) water
▢¾ cup (183 ml) milk
▢4 tablespoons (56.7 g) butter , softened
▢¼ cup (50 g) sugar
▢1 1/2 teaspoon (8.5 g) salt
▢3 ¾- 4 cups (468.75 – 500 g) all-purpose flour
▢2 1/4 – 3 teaspoons (7 -10 grams) rapid rise yeast (See notes 4)

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